All our hedge plants are growing in 35 litre bags, 40cm wide for planting in a 25m by 25cm trench.

To plant, dig a 25cm by 25cm trench, place some slow-release fertiliser in the bottom, cut the bags and place the plants in the trench at 40cm centres (2.5 plants per metre). Back fill with some of the earth from the trench.

If economy is required, the plants can be placed at 50cm intervals (2 plants per metre), allowing them a few months to join up again.


Delivery can be arranged in Victoria, NSW, ACT.

Let us know your location so we can advise on delivery prices.


Transform your garden!

Our hedges are ideal for:

  • Privacy screening

  • Hiding walls or fences

  • Reducing sun or wind 

  • Providing garden structure

  • Freshen up a property for sale

  • Make a new build or renovation look established


At 1 to 1.8 metres height, and 40cm wide, our hedges can instantly transform your garden.